Introduction to Trading and Investing Workshop





This Workshop simplifies trading and investing providing you with the tools and confidence to take control of your own investments.


> 2 hours of a 1-on-1 interactive webinar where I share my approach to Technical Analysis.

> 1 hour follow-up video meeting within 2 weeks where we discuss your challenges and review trades.


1. What trading style works best for you

2. How markets work

3. How to identify a high probability low-risk trade or investment

4. A proven trading and investment system for full and part-time traders and investors

5. How to preserve your capital while trading and investing

6. How to be successful regardless of education or experience

Price: $500.00

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What People are saying

I took Trent’s intro to trading and investing workshop last week. I had been studying technical analysis for about a month and have a background in economics and finance.

This workshop not only introduced new concepts that enable me to trade with confidence, but it also cleared up any discrepancies I had on previous knowledge.

I would absolutely recommend this class to anyone looking to get started in the markets, as the information provided has already paid for itself after my first trade.

Austin Jamieson BA Economics, BSc Agribusiness May 20, 2020

Hey guys, last night I took part in Trent's Introduction to Trading course. I can't express how beneficial and informative it was. I have some background knowledge through personal study that he was able to take to new levels as well as make new concepts very clear and understandable. I strongly suggest Trent's course if you're looking to broaden your horizons! Thanks Trent.

Jesse Ismond, May 20, 2020

Thanks for a very useful workshop - it made a lot of sense and saved a bunch of time (and likely losses) of cutting my teeth from scratch on investing using technical information. Your workshop would be great for a beginner to someone familiar with the terminology but new to using it to make investment decisions.

Wayne P. CPA, CA May 18, 2020

"I took Trent's course with little to no knowledge of markets or what I was getting into, other than my own previous trading attempts which had little to no success. Trent was able to break things down and relay them using his personal experiences to help me latch onto the core concepts and start to understand the basics of trend following. I had previously believed that learning and understanding trend following was going to a long journey with lots of headaches to begin. I no longer believe that to be true, rather it is a simple concept that with practice and patience anyone can become successful in. I still have a long way to go but I believe this was a strong first step in the right direction. I look forward to working with Trent going forward to continue developing and moving forward in my trading career." -

Steven Somerville, B.Sc. Agribusiness May 16, 2020

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