How Klarenbach Research readers beat the market

Case Study #1


The Challenge

Grain farmers and traders encounter a wide range of news and opinions on commodity prices. Because of personal biases, they may favor information that matches existing beliefs, sometimes overlooking contrary data.

In 2022, the optimism surrounding Durum wheat prices led many farmers to retain their stock, while grain companies maintained long positions.

The Solution

Amidst widespread optimism and information overload, we took a different approach. By focusing  on price charts, we sidestepped subjective views. These charts hinted at a potential price drop.

On January 15, 2022, our Durum Wheat Alert adjusted the Sell Signal below $19.60, so we warned our readers about a looming price trend shift.
Durum wheat image representing a successful Klarenbach Research case study signal

The Result

Following our approach, readers acted on the Sell Signal and were ready for the market shift. In two weeks, Durum wheat prices fell by $1.40 per bushel.

Our readers benefited by selling before this price drop. Moreover, they secured prices at $2.60 per bushel above the crop’s yearly average.

The Conclusion

This case study highlights how grain farmers and traders benefit from a clear, data-focused strategy.

By using objective price charts and avoiding distractions, our subscribers make smarter choices.

Being a subscriber means having an edge in unpredictable markets like Durum wheat.